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We can’t wait to meet you!

We are so glad you’ve visited today. We would love to meet you sometime soon. Any questions you may have about Woodlake Church should be answered below. Thanks again for stopping by. We hope to see you soon!


What type of church is Woodlake Church?

Woodlake Church has three overarching goals that define us. First, we help people meet Jesus through engaging services where they can worship and learn more about God and the Bible. Second, we help people find their sweet spot, serving in ministry. Third, we believe in reaching our communities and being a church that feels like home. As far as our church network goes, Woodlake is an Assemblies of God church.

What should I wear?

Woodlake is a church for everyone. We like to think of our services as a time to enjoy with family. Wear what makes you comfortable.

What happens when I arrive?

When you first pull into the parking lot, look for the tall flags that point you to our guest parking. After you park, you will get a warm welcome from our hospitality teams as you are guided into the church. If you have kids, you can go to the Kids Check-in Desk and check them into Woodlake kids where they will have a great time making friends and learning about what it means to love Jesus. Make sure you grab a hot coffee on your way into service. Not sure where to sit? One of our hosts will be happy to find you a spot.

What is the service like?

A typical service at Woodlake consists of worship by our live band followed by a message from a member of our preaching team. During these services, we are sure that you’ll grow in your relationship with God and get a chance to step away from the stresses that flood your mind throughout the week. Need prayer? There will be an opportunity or two during the service for you to talk to one of our prayer team. The entire service typically lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

How can I meet others & Get Connected?

Woodlake Church is very focused on family. That is why we have a lot of simple ways for you to become a part of our Woodlake Family. You can join a family group, begin serving in one of our ministries, or join us for Growth Track where you will learn more about Woodlake and what it means to be spiritually healthy.

What about my kids?

We love kids and we want them to love the church. We don’t exist to babysit, we exist to help kids make lifelong friendships and fall in love with God and His Word. We have safe, exciting environments for your kids from infants all the way up through elementary and we cannot wait to meet them! One way we keep your kids safe and secure is through our check-in system. You can make checking your kids in fast by pre-registering them below. We can’t wait to meet them!

When & where are the services?

Services are on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Bixby meets at 8:30am 10:00am & 11:30am. Glenpool meets at 11am. For more information, go to the Locations Page.